Logo styles examples

3D style logos

Pseudo 3-D look for your logo are very usualy used in variety of industries. Logo with 3-d element can easy show product or depict service for your brand. Take look at few exaples , where we´ve se got used pseudo 3-d techniques like main feature of the logo.

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Animal Logos

Logos with pets and animals are really favorized vy companies , which will show and depict some attributes transferred from the animals like power (bear) speed (beasts) , smart ( owl) and many other features . Lot of companies use animals like mascots. Take look at few examples of our logos which was realted to this category

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Badge Style Logos

This badge style logos have usualy one main advantage , and its use on any colours background. Badge usualy show exclusivity and somehow the badge with logo are presented across all industries. Here you can take a look at our Badge styled logos which we provide for our customers for a past years.

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Corporate Logos

The main focus for good , corporate looking logo are temperance of using the colours and fonts. Basicaly the logo have 1-2. max. 3 colours, provided with simple font taking a strong message of reliability and respectability in a business. Take look at our few examples for better imagination , what are corporate logos about.

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Illustrated Logos

Are you fan of detailed illustrations? Does your company need show feel for details? Then Detailed illustrated logo is also option for your business. Good looking illustrated logo can looks really good , just be aware using this logos very small printed or published, cause with decreasing of the size usually they loosing all the details

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Minimalistic Logo

Minimalistic logos are usualy based on very clever ideas with simple colours, simple fonts and really clever used elements in a minimalistic form. This logos are usually timeless and are perfectly looking in every purpose of use. Take look at our examples of minimalistic logos we provide.

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Trendy Logos

There is palce for trendy logos , here you can see the movement, expressions, bright colours, shapes or just a texts. This logos are for usually modern and dymanic companies who are trendsetters in their industries. Take look at our examples of the trendy logos for past years.

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Typography Logos

This logos are mailny focused on message they carry on the market. Good looking and proper typography , hand in hands with colour or smartly placed graphic bits are usually timeless. This logos have really strong branding factor and represent usually company in good taste. This logos usually mean how simle should be very effective. Take look at few examples of my typography work.

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Web 2.0 style logos

Glossy style , detailed illustration to depict industries , hand in hand with good typography , even with glossy , textured or metallic effect... thats most popular web 2.0 logos. Take please look at our examples for past years of my work .

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Retro logo styles

Logos usually created for pubs, groceries, deli-stores , farmer markets , but also for attorney companies. Retro look and feel are currently really trendy!

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